A Betting Guide to Golf

Golf betting is possible since bookmakers give chances to players to achieve particular targets during a major league. Bookmakers concentrate on the 2 main tours, the US tour and the Europe tour. Betting is also present in the WRGA Tour (women), Senior Tour, and even minor tours. There are numerous types of golf bets in order to win the tournament. These are some of the types of golf bets.

  1. Outright – this kind of bet is expressed as R/O to win the whole tour.
  2. Three Ball – golf players kick off usually in groups of three well known as three balls. Players can bet as for the lowest betting hole score of 18 out of the three and another term for 3B.
  3. 72 Hole Match – this is a match between 2 players who compete in a certain tournament and is also known as 72H. Players who gained the lowest score will be declared as winners after a finish.
  4. Group – bookmakers select 6, 5 or 4 players to compare. The betting process only comes from the chosen players with the lowest 4-round score.
  5. Special group – this is a kind of group where players are sorted according to age, gender, country or something.

Before you place a bet, you should have first an account with the bookmaker. Over the phone or online takes up a few minutes and demands access of your switch card or credit card. Citizens or residents of the US are not accepted generally as customers because of the laws about betting over the internet. Many British bookmakers are legitimate when it comes to credit card access. When it comes to payment, larger bookmakers take charge and are trustworthy. All golf stakes are settled in accordance to the official tournament results.

Hence, if a player doesn’t start a specific round or tournament, all bets will be void. In addition, if the golfer is disqualified or retires, all bets at stake will be lost. If a specified round or tournament is suspended or delayed, all bets will remain valid for 48 hours. Outright market is settled on the winner of the tournament and the result is taken into account. It is important to learn all guidelines and bets of a particular game. Golf betting is easy and safe if you will entrust your credit information to the legitimate bookmakers. Bookmakers are the ones that manipulate your bets at stake.