Double Bubble Slots

double bubble slot

Being stuck in a cabin when you have gone on a skiing holiday is probably something no one will ever want to experience, and whilst that is exactly the theme of this aptly named Double Bubble slot game there is much more to this slot game than first meets the eye! As this slot is one of the huge number of slot games that hail from Microgaming whenever you do choose to play it you are […]

The Top 8 Gambling Rules

top 8

Gamblers have always been looked down by a large part of the society. With the expansion of gambling in the online space, and a lot of popular TV shows, has changed the view of gambling completely. The establishment of thousands of casinos round the globe has played a pivotal role in changing the perception of common people. In the end, money matters and if you want to earn money as a gambler, then there are […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Online Betting on Horse Racing

horse racing

It takes time to get used to the art of betting on horses. Before discussing betting, let’s try to understand some basic jargons that go around the race course. Wagers are of two types namely, straight and exotic. The former is nothing but betting on a horse to come first while the latter lets you place multiple bets on different horses. Not to mention, exotic wagers are more expensive and requires a high level of […]

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